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Dear Sangha and Dharma friends On sabbatical for an indeterminate amount of time.
I would like to share a message with you. Because there is not much at all in the schedule of Welcoming Buddhist for the next few months, I will be helping in the Himalayas in the Monasteries within the region where my family raised me. This is an opportunity to rest and live simply as is recommended in the Buddhist teachings.

This is also a time to keep practicing, to respect the good fortune I have had in meeting great authentic masters and receiving from them so many profound teachings. This is the best way to make a meaningful life. Therefore during this time I will not be teaching openly but only very quietly and only to people serious about Buddhist teaching.

If Dharma students who come to me for teachng are not serious, I will just be wasting precious human life and dealing with the bad karma from students broken Samaya commitments. This is what I have found in my personal experience teaching in the west, not just in the west, but in general nowadays.

I pay attention to the fact that authentic masters are always quiet, truthful, do not boast, and never deceive others or themselves and always work to help the Dharma flourish. My heartfelt aspiration is to be as this everyday and in everything I do. May All living beings swiftly become enlightened very soon without not even one of them suffering a moment.
my best wishes for everyone,
see you next time. Lopon Osel
August 21, 2023
Teachings and Meditation & Discussion. Join us every Wednesday, Highland High School, Salt Lake City, 6:00 pm to -8-pm.2023
** if you wishes please Check website calendar for each month’s Puja ceremony. This a special day of celebration, meditation and offering.
It is very important in order to purify negative karma. Many beings are ignorant and human life becomes empty. We bury our knowledge and skills uselessly, like letting good wood spoil under its bark. Human beings have good hearts and skillful knowledge and it is necessary to meditate and make offerings to bring happiness, accumulate merit and increase freedom and bring true meaning full life.

Upcoming New Dharma Class Schedule, Teaching Beginning march 26–2014 may 22 end Class. Buddhist Philosophy and meditation: Mind Training Teachings. Instruction By Lopon Osel, professor of Buddhist meditation teacher.

Nagarjuna, 7th century Buddhist enlightened master. He gives a useful explanation of positive attitude and logical advice for kings and everyone. How can a Human Being bring peace and become a warm heart to share with everyone? Humans have more potential for intelligence than other animals, but are using this intelligence in a negative way.

Obstacles come from identification with one’s ego and diluted mind. Many beings are careless and unaware of what is happening nearby. Buddhist meditation introduces our own natural mind. Problems will be resolved by great medicine: love, compassion, and increasing wisdom.
Class Continued from Fall 2013. Class begins January 22, 2014 – 6:00 p.m. at Highland High School. Book (opt.) Golden Zephyr translated by Leslie Kawamura.

Buddhism is a unity of practice (meditation) and study. This unity is very important because every being has a mind, but because of negative emotions, they are blocking. Buddhist teachings increase positive wisdom which helps with these negative emotions. This also increases virtue. This method comes from an authentic lineage.

Tibetan people say, “To let good wood spoil under its bark, is like burying one’s knowledge and skills uselessly.” When we don’t practice and meditate, it is like our mind is becoming spoiled.

Every being has a mind. Many people are non-believers. Some people are believers, but they have a wrong view. All people have a habit of material concern. Their minds become spoiled, never blossoming into wisdom. They do not accumulate virtue or wisdom through their beliefs.

Every session and ceremony will be very meaningful to your life, and will increase virtue. Without this practice, life remains empty, and ends without meaning.

We offer 90 minute meditation sessions, especially to Guru Rinpoche, during Dakini Day (according to Vajaryana tradition), and for other special dates and ceremonies. The 20-30 minute meditation sessions will be good for both novice and advanced practitioners.

If you wish to join or would like more information, please send an email to (welocomingbuddhist website.) Sessions are held either at Highland High School Community Education or in a private residence. Serious inquiries only, please. We will be adding more event sites in the future.

We will be asking that some of the material be memorized so that students will be able to engage in contemplation during personal practice as well as meditation on the teachings and to prepare for an evaluation at the end of the for those who wish to receive a graduation certificate.

Just to encounter the Buddha’s teaching is meaningful, but a student who has thoroughly read the three texts, received oral teachings and instructions on their practice and commited them to mind as the basis for their future practice will have made a truly significant,

beneficial start upon the path of Buddhadharma. We hope to facilitate this in whatever ways we can and invite your wholehearted participation.

Tuition and Fees

It has always been a tradition in Buddhism to offer something in gratitude for receiving the teachings. Making offering, whether to beggars or High Lamas is to the students benefit as the practice of Generosity. What or how much you offer is not the main consideration. What is important is the intention in offering and that the student not receive a teaching empty handed.

Sharing the Merit Even if they give just one cent, people should have the motivation of putting a drop of water in the ocean. A drop of water on its own will easily evaporate, but in the ocean it will always remain. There are many ways you can contribute to WelcomingBuddhist.

The reason for this is, practicing generosity in gratitude for the teaching recieved creates an auspicious link to the teaching and teacher. That being said, there is no set course fee and no one will be excluded from attending the shedra for reason of a lack of funds.


We are asking students interested to send us an email including: Name, Contact Info (email address or phone number) they will be able to attend (For example the first one months or all 6 ect..) leaving this information in a phone message at

If you need more information about the class, please contact: us’ or call phone 8016839413.

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