Welcoming Buddhist Activities Plan for the Future.

Please my humble request for everyone. Because I need your good intention and support with general knowledge. I am looking for very quiet beautiful land I would like to build up buddhist meditation temple. If you have however available support will be happy to receive. Your kindness repaying living being with gentle and kindness for others. This is our goal with truly benefits many living being because this merit will never end. The result is gathering enlightenment. This is my ambition to preseve Buddha Dharma holy lineage more longer life and also very special generous your support.

Dear Dharma Friends,

let you know that everyone happy to see the picture above. This the new temple image of building on process. Still more needs more support which will be very helpful to complete arts on the wall. More activities will going on in the future. If you would like to support will really appreciate awalys.

Below here is  the picture of old temple which is destroyed and also community members.

The Buddha said that supporting lay people with generosity is positive action because helping each other and having loving kindness is beneficial for other beings.

For example, a zoo animal in a previous life may have been generous but did not dedicate the merit for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is why the animal was reborn in the animal realm. He/she does not have to worry about getting food. Especially, making offerings to a true Dharma practictioner of unbroken lineage and realized masters, creates a connection between you, and the teacher.

This connection causes generosity and can lead to enlightenment. This is truly meaningful because even material offerings made from your good intentions and pure motivation will have a great result. Why? Because the supreme object is realization of a master or true Dharma practitioner. Also, lay people create this connection through these offerings.

This is why great Mayasiddha Jetsun Milarepa said “between the Hermit meditating in the mountains and the sponsor who provides his sustenance is a connection that will lead them to enlightenment together. The heart of that connection is dedication of merit.”

This is why making offerings, no matter the size, is so important. Offerings made to true Dharma practice creates good karma and prosperity for this life and in future lives. Although this is temporary, it will lead to the ultimate result of enlightenment. When you are reborn, then it is easier for you to have the causes and conditions of happiness because of your generosity in this life.

When we make an offering to the lay community without dedicating the merit, any virtue is said to be contaminated, but when we make offerings for Dharma activities and to Dharma practice and dedicate the merit, it becomes uncontaminated merit. This kind of merit becomes like drops of water filling a never ending ocean. This teaching is coming from the Buddha and is so very important. The Buddha knows everything and never deceives because he is omniscient/enlightened.

The Welcoming Buddhist organization is under the direction of the Nyingma School Vajrayana lineage of Kbyaje Khyentse Rinpoche, its spiritual guide. We would like to provide these teachings to those here in the west, who have genuinely right intentions.

Here in the west we would like to have a retreat center for all Dharma students where we will be teaching general Buddhism particularly Nyingma lineage of Longchenpa’s Heart Treasure Nyingthig teachings along with Kbyaje Khyentse Rinpoche’s Terma (treasures) and bringing these teachings to the public. These very rare teachings come from 25 volumes of His Holiness Khyentse Rinpoche’s, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche’s and Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche’s teachings on Mahayana and Vajrayana key points. These teachings are profound with powerful blessing and have the capability of bringing one to enlightenment in one lifetime. This however depends completely on our own diligence.

If we recognize all of the Buddha’s teachings and representations are collected in these 25 volumes, this is a short lineage practice for our time and has great value. If we are smart we will take advantage of the value of the short lineage practice.

We are compiling these are very rare teachings and putting them together in a prayer book for the public. Welcoming Buddhist makes an offering to the Shechen Monastery in support of the Lineage where Venerable Lopon Osel studied.

Welcoming Buddhist also plans to help sincerely interested Dharma practitioners and also those trained in Tibetan Medicine living in the Himalayan region. In these areas many people do not have access to proper medical care and we hope to make it more readily available to them. This region has been, expressing their need, asking for help from Lopon Osel and he wishes his utmost to help because of their sincere and correct practice of the Dharma.

As part of the activities of Welcoming Buddhist, Lopon osel wishes to rebuild this 200 year old monastery and preserve a place for the highly sacred statues of Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoche and Amitabha that it holds right now. Anyone who wishes to contribute will be a real help to the Buddhist community it serves. Helping to fundamentally contribute to love and compassion for all beings. The expense would be between thirty and forty thousand U.S. dollars. This is the area he was raised in and he honestly wishes to repay them in a way that will help their future generations.

We also have a very important plan for some Asian countries to assist poor families with children with healthcare and educational opportunities. We would like to start a good school for these families so they may learn precious human knowledge to better their lives. When children do not have these opportunities, all they have are negative habits/actions because they are missing good human knowledge.

If you are able to make a donation to support these projects, please do so using the “Donate Now” Paypal button or you can email us for the address for Welcoming Buddhist and use a check. Thank you in advance for your donation. A small donation of maybe $10 per month becomes very useful for these families in need.

A Prayer to Guru Rinpoche By Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

Sole, infallible, constant refuge, lord of the mandala. Embodiment of all Buddhas, Vajradhara of Oddiyana. For all those stricken like myself, you are our only hope: With your compassion swift as lightning, think upon us at this time!

Until I reach enlightenment, I take refuge in all the Buddhas, Dharma and noble Sangha.
By the merit of accomplishing the six perfections.
May I achieve buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.

In these present evil days the age of dregs is reaching its nadir;
The nine samaya-corrupting brothers’ perverse prayers gain ground.
And people’s minds are mostly swayed by arrogant evil spirits.
You have never relinquished your compassion for the people of Tibet.

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