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New for the New Year, we have a CD with traditional Sadhana and chanting from the Nyingma lineage available online. You can read about this CD below. Some of the Sadhanas are also available to view on the website. If you would like to know more about what is available or to order Sadhanas and CDs (both are included), you can reach us using the Contact Information located below.

Download Avalokiteshwara's Ten Prayers

Download Prayer for the Spread of Teachings of Guru Padmasambhava

Short Sadhana Nongdro CDs now available

Vajrayana Preliminary Practice SetNongdro is the essential training of the Longchen Nyingthig tradition of the Nyingma lineage. Althoug Nongdro literally means “preliminary practice”, it is the foundation of all practices: the sadhana is a complete path in itself, conclusively leading us to the highest goal.
Authentic Buddhist melodic sadhanas emanate from enlightened lineage masters, without the contamination of self-created ideas of the ordinary or negative minded. They carry the power of true Blessing. Those created by ordinary minds have neither real power nor blessing: they are like the imagined alluring sounds of a cascading waterfall falling upon deaf ears. We are happy to send these CDs. Please contact us so that we can provide them to you.
All the sadhanas listed on this website will be coming soon on CD.
These are available for a donation. Please click this link to learn more. Continue reading

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Preliminary Nongdro Practice Disc 1

A variety of sadhanas from the Vajrayana tradition, which have been passed down through a pure Tibetan Buddhist lineage, have been recorded in their authentic form by Lopon Osel. These Dharma teachings are sung by Lama Osel and are accompanied by various musical instruments played in beautiful melodic arrangements. Please continue reading to listen to samples.
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