Longing Melody of Faith

Prayer to the Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal – Longing Melody of Faith
Mipham Rinpoche’s prayer to Dakini Queen Yeshe Tsogyal from Cascading Waterfall of Nectar, by Thinley Norbu.

Like that, the embodiment of all these immeasurable Dakinis of the Three Kayas is praised by the Triumphant Omniscient Lord, Mipham Rinpoche, in his prayer to the Dakini Queen Yeshe Tsogyal called the Longing Melody of Faith:

E MA Ho! Wondrous!

Vajrayogini, mother of all Victors,

Yangchenma, keeper of an ocean of melodies,

Jetsunma, compassionate liberator of beings,

Dakini of great kindness in Tibet,

Consort who pleases the enlightened mind of the

Lotus-Born Vidhyadhara,

Sole mother and only refuge of the people of Tibet,

Source of the profound secret Vajrayana teachings,

Conqueress of the supreme knowledge, compassion, and power,

Vidyadhara accomplished in the supreme attainment of immortality,

Yogini who has perfected all the stages and paths,

Mother of skillful means, compassionately manifesting

whatever form is necessary to subdue beings,

Goddess whose benefit for others is e equal to the sky,

Ruler with naturally limitless, all-pervasive enlightened activity,

Jetsunma, if called upon, your compassion is swift.

If one is accomplishing you, you are a Dakini of most

profound blessings,

Greatly kind one, whose compassion is like the love

of a mother watching over her children;

My sole protectress, who contains all objects of refuge,

Yeshe Tsogyal, to you I pray.

Queen of Dakinis, to you I pray.

The manifestation of power, to you I pray.

Radiant One of blue light, to you I pray.

Sole consort of the Lotus Guru, to you I pray.

Sole mother lineage holder, to you I pray.

Holder of the profound treasures, to you I pray.

The one whose blessings enter quickly, to you I pray.

Glorious one who fulfills all wishes, to you I pray.

The one who accomplishes the hopes of beings, to you I pray.

Wish-fulfilling jewel, to you I pray.

Decietless compassionate one, to you I pray.

Constant protector, to you I pray.

Dispeller of suffering, to you I pray.

Supreme guide of beings, to you I pray.

You are my Lama, you are my Yidam,

You are my Dakini, you are my Dharmapala,

Jetsunma, for an unfortunate being like me, you are

my sole source of refuge.

I pray to you with devotion from my heart.

Thus, Mipham Rinpoche wrote. Also the fifteen Karmapa prayed:

Mother of all Victorious Ones, Kuntuzangmo the dharmadhatu,

Guardian of all Tibetans, sole mother of great kindness,

Bestowing supreme spiritual attainment, Dakini Queen of great bliss,

To the feet of Yeshe Tsogyal I pray.

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