Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a friend” with a commentary by the Lama Mipham Rimpoche:

Beginning in the Summer session and continuing thru fall, Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a friend with a commentary by the Mipham Rimpoche: Teaching and meditation classes will be held at the University of Utah, June 12, Every Tuesday, 6pm to 8pm teachings – locantion: Annex Building (see bldg doors for Rm#) Campus,

The Letter of Advice, is from an ancient Buddhist text by Nagarjuna. if you need more information. please Visit website at www.lifelong. utah. edu

Each session will be divided between a short introduction to the text and a meditation practice. The text contains practical advice for living life with compassion and loving kindness, for ones self and others. The advice and meditations contained in the Precious Garland are very powerful teaching of Buddhist philosophy.

The invitation is to embrace the great wisdom therein. It is thru these ancient Buddhist teachings and the lineage which has held these teachings purely that the blessings of these teachings are available to the student. Usually people never learn to meditate, they like to do their own thing without instruction or guidance.
The Buddhist philosophy points to the true direction of how to meditate. If one has the idea to meditate without a guide they think that they have a good session if they relax, but without the result, without a warm heart is meaningless. There are two kinds of Benefit.

The temporary meaning of meditation is to become a better human being. The ultimate meaning is enlightenment. Without lineage, without a guide one wanders far from these results. There is a commentary by Mipham Rimpoche available on the internet please see the Tarthang Tulku version.
More information about this class will be available on the calendar.
Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a friend” with a commentary by the Lama Mipham Rimpoche:

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