Seven Points of Mind Training at University of Utah

The Seven Points of Mind Training tuedays 6-to 8 pm. Kadampa Master Geshe Chekapa Beginning October 16 and going through November 13 end. Mind training means how to develop bodhicitta.
This introductory course and practice for mind training is to foster compassion and love to all motherly sentient beings. If we don’t learn this basic practice then our loving compassion is like a summer rainbow, it appears but suddenly disappears.

There are many beings who don’t have true love and compassion for sentient beings. Only attachment. In this course you’ll learn the steps to cultivate true compassion and foster wisdom. In order to properly teach the foundation of meditation to interested students, we will cover Shamatha and Vispasana Mediatation. For more information please contact. Please check the calendar for more information.

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