The Benefits of Observing the Great Festival of the Tenth Day

Dudjom Rinpoche

Dudjom Rinpocheby His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche Clique aqui para Portugese OM SVASTI May we obtain refuge in all our future rebirths in the Udiyanna Vajradhara who removes all difficulties, the mere recollection of him brings about the bestowing of many desires, siddhis, and blessings just as does a wish-granting gem,

A wish-granting tree, and a precious wish granting vessel. For anyone who beholds his deeds, the understanding of a disciple will grow within her or himself. As for several occasions he displayed on the Tenth Day of the waxing moon during the twelve months of the year.

There are special benefits accruing to us from observing the monthly pujas on each of the Tenth Day great festivals (in the correct order). For example, those evil spirits which cause diseases will be pacified. Our length of life, virtue, and wealth will increase; and our happiness of mind, quick courage, and brilliance of personality will likewise increase.

Both human beings and non-human spirits will heed us as if they were our servants. The harm and injury caused by the Lord of Death and the eight groups of spirits will be mitigated. Our moral percepts will be completely purified, and our wisdom will radiate into every area. The dangers due to unfavorable planets and stars, unlucky days, enemies, and thieves will no longer threaten us; good fortune and well-being will increase everywhere at home and abroad.

The mischief due to earth-spirits (sa-bdags), Nagas, and fierce subterranean beings (gyan) will likewise no longer threaten us; and the Dharma Protectors and Guardians will accomplish those deeds with which they are charged. The damage caused by hindrances, enemies, and evil spirits will be ameliorated; and we will gather under our power whatever we desire. Diseases which cause the body to waste away will be cleansed;

bodily health will increase; and we will obtain whatever object we contemplate. Unlucky periods among the days, months, and years, as well as ill omens generally, will be mitigated; and we will fully recover whatever dominion and good fortune we may have lost. Evil spirits who cause diseases, such as the Bhutas and the eight groups of spirits, as well as the conditions of untimely death,

will likewise be pacified. We shall be freed from the ill effects of ill omens, the disabling effects of mantras that impair the function of the intellect and that disturb our peace of mind, as well as elemental spirits evoked to harm us by causing disease or calamity. Indeed,

our own body will become diamond-like. Hypocritical deeds in violation of our precepts, such as any defect or default of the three types of vows, as well as all transgressions of the samaya, will be cleansed, and our mind will become pure. Untimely death and other accidental disasters will not arise and immediately upon passing from this life we shall be reborn in the presence of the Guru Himself in the Realm of Lotus Light.

Also, from the practice of reciting the prayers in their proper order, particularly at the time of performing puja, we shall become as one who possesses infinite benefits. Our accumulated merit shall be inexhaustible.

May this festival of benefit and joy be always observed everywhere, together with the Dharma, in the presence of those who desire liberation. Similarly, may these glad tidings be displayed like a beautiful young maiden, attractively bejeweled and graced with well-explained excellent meanings for every word. May the messengers of Padma wander everywhere in every direction.
This text was composed by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche). May Happiness and good fortune come.

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