Buddhist Character Perspective

I bow to the sublime embodiment of wisdom Buddha. My sincere wish to repay your
kindness. However small a flower is, it is still an offering to Buddha. Even small a gift may be, it is still a token of gratitude.

Every day of my life, my good heart is always the best church. There is no need to go to church every Sunday. Having bad intentions, selfishness, being arrogant and being angry is like being drunk every day. When you are drunk all the time, you make many mistakes.

In the same way, having these negative intentions you will never be successful because you also make many mistakes, just like you are drunk all the time. Buddhist teachings loving kindness but if people are being negative and superficial the Buddhist teaching always directly or indirectly is subdued. because Buddha is a great Doctor, and his teaching,(Dharma,) is great medicine.

When I am having a difficult time, getting very old or dying, there are no regrets, guilt, or sadness at that time; that is my religion.

My philosophy is love and compassion for the benefit of living beings. I wish to benefit and I care for all living beings. For this positive attitude you need to cultivate your own self. Use the method of Buddha teaching for this. Doctors cannot make you a person with a positive attitude. There is no medicine to do this. Scientists cannot make you a machine to make you a compassionate person. Costco cannot sell to you a positive attitude method. The only way is to find Buddha teaching.

A healthy mind makes a healthy body. Healthy body cannot make you a healthy mind. People are exercising their bodies and becoming skinny. But, the mind is still fat. This means it is ugly.

Architecture cannot make design for a silly thinking mind. A washing machine cannot wash a person’s negative thinking mind. A body builder cannot remove a selfish mind or ego. A super power country cannot fix people with anger or mental problems. Yoga teacher cannot make a skinny mind. A beautiful body cannot make everyone happy. Only you can find your own natural mind. You need to download your natural mind.

A life is busy and every day is paradise, how can this be liberation? If you develop materials then paradise never ends. If you develop inner mind and positive love and compassion without discrimination then this paradise is liberation. Peace and happiness unchanging.

My discipline is without cheating or deceiving anyone and this is my best discipline.
My conduct is without an up and down mind; it is a positive state of mind.
My great logic is always being truthful and having meaningful activity in this life and future lives.

I see many humans with an animal mind but I am not like that because I learn from Buddha wisdom teaching. Many living beings do not have any concept of dying; believing life is permanent without the aspect of future lives. Their actions are always for the present moment – always temporary thinking. Obviously they will be changing or dying because they do not understand their true nature. During that time they suffer.

Being naïve is a big obstacle to our own life and culture. Also, their entire family is like teenagers. How can we guide these children? They can’t see the truth. Even during my childhood, I learned from my parents the true nature of impermanence. I accepted and believed in it. It was beneficial for me.
I am always preparing something for my futures.

When something happens or changes, I do not suffer because I understand the true nature of Buddha kindness to show me impermanence. Many peoples’ true nature of cause and effect in everyday life uses Buddha teaching, but they do not accept Buddha teaching karma because they are scared of losing their own ego. When I saw and heard people being truthful and honest I always accepted and respected them because I learned from the Buddha teaching of true nature.

Some people are wishing for true happiness because they are learning Buddha teachings, but they don’t want to take the Refuge Vow because they are afraid of losing their Barbarian habits. Also, they don’t want to practice the Buddhist way. This scares them because they have deluded thinking that they will lose their anger. This is why they don’t want to do practice and meditate. This practice is the antidote for anger and deluded thinking.

Many beings have temporary intelligence but they have a cold mind, cheating their own selves and others, it is like a perfect demon: they do not care for people. Even though I am not intelligent, I care for all sentient beings, serving them because of the Buddha teachings.

Many living beings are very smart momentarily but they are non-believers. It is like a pig — eat, sleep, shit, wake up, a perfect pig. They do not have a future. It is like letting good wood spoil under its bark. People can be intelligent but that intelligence is spoiling the inside of the body because there is no good result.
The Buddha nature inside of the person never has a chance to blossom. They never create virtue and do not care for other people. This is why they do not have a future. People that say, “Where are you from? “ The answer is, “From the Jungle!“ All of the animals in the animal kingdom are their relatives.

Many living beings act like a gorilla. Gorillas are totally nihilists because they never think of creating merit. When you are reborn empty handed and naked, you do not bring anything. If you have not accumulated merit, you return to an empty life. It is a perfect gorilla. I never thought like them or had nihilistic actions because of the opportunity of having sublime precious teachers show me true natures’ direction. It is so kind to me.

Many people do not know immaterial power. Immaterial power is something you truly believe with devotion. You need to practice and meditate without blind devotion to accumulate merit. You need to have respect for wisdom teachers, then you have a true understanding of immaterial wisdom power. In general, most westerners have material power, not immaterial power. Material power is an escape, denying the true nature of power and rejects immaterial power. Material power is like an empty vessel.

Immaterial power enlightened Buddha, living in the pure-land and the manifestation of this is still coming for the benefit of other beings. This is immaterial power. Buddha passed away many years ago but his teaching is still here and the activity is still alive. The natural mind blossoms for those who recognize this teaching. Even though gold is beneath the earth, it shines in the sky. This means you are becoming enlightened. This immaterial power comes from within.

Why is it difficult for people with material power to sit and meditate for even one minute? They cannot do it, it is very difficult. They have the mind of a monkey, nihilistic habits and the legs of a monkey. They need to rush everywhere without result, meaningless because of being a non-believer. Hundreds of attempts should make this precious human life meaningful through tremendous effort.

Unlucky people believe but have a wrong belief, because all phenomena is created by a permanent God. Is it right to believe in a permanent God? If so, why create ugly, poor, and fat people or hell? This would mean God does not have compassion and did not create all the phenomenon. This is significant, it is better to believe in cause and effect. A liar is cheating oneself.

If your body is permanent, why do you have wrinkles and a bald head? It is totally wrong and deluded thinking. Some religions say, if you do not believe this then all beings will go to hell. If this is true, why do so many people still exist? Some people say they do not believe in reincarnation because they cannot remember a previous life. This answers Buddha’s logic; for example, last year January 15 you were alive and ate lunch and currently do not remember what you had for lunch. This is like reincarnation.

Also, another example, last week you urinated. How many times did you urinate? You cannot remember but it happened. You cannot see tomorrow but it will happen tomorrow. In the same way you can believe your future life will happen to you.

Scientists say the mind dwells in the brain. If this is true, then why when someone touches your leg do you feel something? This means all the body is connected to the mind. The mind is everywhere within the body. In addition, dead people have brains. Where does the mind go when you die? The scientific view is momentary and relative, creating the material world. It is of some benefit, but ultimately it is a nihilist view because the view is always changing. It is like a prostitute son, you are not sure of who is the father.

Many people have experiences but they do not have death experience. What happens to your mind after death? Science does not know. Buddha is all knowing, omniscient. This is why we follow the precious Buddha teaching.

What is true prayer? True prayer is an enlightened method used in your daily life without negativity created by the self, totally coming from Buddha methods. With a true method, there will be a true result. This transforms negative thoughts to positive becoming aware and directing your state of mind. Many people do not use an enlightened method, they use prayer but it is an empty prayer, likened to having a good car that does not have gas, getting nowhere.

In general, our immeasurable thinking is the combination of the three kinds of conception: positive, negative and neutral. Meditation with no thinking is a false method without result because it is neutral. The Buddhism Meditation cultivates a positive attitude and opens the door to the self treasure within becoming happier and without a weak mind. If you would like to meditate, learn from an enlightened teacher, an authentic proven method.

My Perfect Law is believing in karma or cause and effect. Karma law does not discriminate whether you are beautiful, fat, hold a high position, or a law position, or any other position. Nagarjuna said, “The result of your action will happen to you.” This is the law. If you commit even small offensive acts and do not desist instantly as with a single sword-like blow, then when the time of death arrives, you will come face to face with whatever effects are produced by your offensive acts.

Many American women think their husband is a donkey. A donkey cannot speak. Whatever you put on the donkey’s back, he will carry. He has no choice. Because of cultivating the negative, the result that comes is suffering and confusion. They act like a queen without a country! Sorry, some woman do not have a donkey.
If you earnestly wish for liberation and paradise, you must apply yourself to acting only with a correct view. If a person acts properly, but with an erroneous view, he will experience an excruciating outcome wherever he goes.

I know many people that are saying that they are my best friend, but when I need them, they disappear. It seems to me summer and winter are best friends. But summer needs the winter cold, and winter needs the summer heat. But when they need something, they disappear from one another.

Impermanence is everywhere, yet I still think things will last. I have reached the gates of old age, yet I still pretend I am young. Bless me and misguided beings like me, that we may truly understand impermanence.

This message is of benefit directly and indirectly. It is a sharing of a critical understanding. Nowadays people are endlessly kissing and the result is painful, miserablesuffering and confusion. If you would like more information, please visit the website www.welcomingbuddhist.org. You will truly benefit yourself and others.

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