Message for while away

Salt Lake City and New york- Summer 2014

I will be away on sabbatical for an indeterminate amount of time. During this time I will be checking messages when I can. I want to encourage those of you whom I already know or have taught, to please continue with your practice, keeping in mind this is a very precious teaching for your current, only one time life. It is very rare to find. It is so very important. It is really so very meaningful to everyone.

There are also those of you whom I have never met, but you have been visiting this website. I also encourage your positive attitude and loving compassion toward all living beings. It is so meaningful. Even this website has many precious teachings which are coming from enlightened masters. These are very special teachers. This website can be your own spiritual guide to enlightenment.

Also, it is very important that you need to know I am always trying to keep these teachings quiet, without advertising. Advertising is part of dirty political and cynical business. This is why we keep these teachings quiet. Many enlightened and spiritual teachers have shown me that this is the truly Buddhist way, with no advertising.

Please check back on the website to see new events.

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