On sabbatical for an indeterminate amount of time.

Dear Sangha and Dharma friends, I would like to share a message with you. Because there is not much at all in the schedule of Welcoming Buddhist for the next few months, I will be helping in the Himalayas in the Monasteries within the region where my family raised me.
This is an opportunity to rest and live simply as is recommended in the Buddhist teachings.
This is also a time to keep practicing, to respect the good fortune I have had in meeting great authentic masters and receiving from them so many profound teachings. This is the best way to make a meaningful life.

Therefore during this time I will not be teaching openly but only very quietly and only to people serious about Buddhist teaching. If Dharma students who come to me for teachng are not serious, I will just be wasting precious human life and dealing with the bad karma from students broken Samaya commitments.

This is what I have found in my personal experience teaching in the west and in general nowadays.
I pay attention to the fact that authentic masters are always quiet, truthful, do not boast, and never deceive others or themselves and always work to help the Dharma flourish.

My heartfelt aspiration is to be as this everyday and in everything I do. May All living beings swiftly become enlightened very soon without not even one of them suffering a moment.
my best wishes for everyone, see you next time. Lopon Osel March 16, 2016

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