New Message

All of dear dharma friends, I would like to let you know that all of the activities and events are in the calender special day. If you follow and keep discipline of practicing will be receiving automatic blessing and elighten immeasurable Buddlha. The significant is our life peaceful and happiness with increasing inner development unchanging compassion , wisdom.

How to follow the calander little bit explanation. If you are new buddhist follower that time you can take refugee bow first time , in second especially during day time you can take bodhichhita bow will become perfect enlightment. It is like without gas in the car cannot drive same as without having buddhist bow you cannot achieve the goal of Buddha dharma practice.

Buddhist very important one is without political, business, superficial, not cheating others , not boasting without mixing. If you mix, you cannot receive any of good results. Always good intention for other living beings we can achive simple life and easy going on.

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