Zoom teaching

In Welcoming Buddhist group in whatsapp link in the beginning of April 28th 2024. if you are insterested to study Buddhist teaching zoom on every sunday for 45 mins you are welcome to join in whatsapp link Welcoming Buddhist group. I can also inform you about exact time on Sunday before few days. Or you are welcome to send e-mail too at sbtcc.heruka@gmail.com.

Teaching subject is about A Mirror Revealing the Crucial Points Advice on the Ultimate Meaning by Longchen Rabjam and The Sage Who Dispels Mind’s Anguish Advice from the Guru, the Gentle Protector Mañjuśrī, on the Means of Accomplishing the Yogas of Śamatha and Vipaśyanā by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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