A Proper Dharma that Results in Lasting Benefit

Emaho In the heart of a blossoming lotus, upon the waters of the lake,
You are the deity who is the spontaneous presence of the five kayas and wisdoms
Great naturally arisen Pema Yabyum Surrounded by clouds of dakinis- to you I pray
Grant your blessing so that all our wishes be quickly fulfilled!

The Nyingma Lineage especially is a devotion and practice lineage. As a Nyingma, it is my deepest wish to encourage all who have interest in the Dharma to become serious Dharma Practitioners. The reason for this page is to encourage the learning and study of Dharma.

Many visiting lama’s do not stay long enough to nurture the continued learning of what has been taught. Circumstances do not continue in way that leads to lasting and stable knowledge of Dharma and students do not reach understandings of the words and meaning of the teaching that remain firmly in their minds.
Many western students wish to receive the higher teaching because it will be easier to attain
Enlightenment. actually this is an impossible demand, because the foundation of knowledge necessary has not been laid.If you are a worthy container, even the most basic and terse of teachings by great Lama’s will have profound effect. Today, many lamas are now giving high level teachings, however the containers are not prepared.

That is why I like to here now, organizing a Buddhist Shedra here in the United States. I deeply hope for western and eastern students to have viable means to deepen their understanding of the Dharma. A school where they seriously and completely understand the teachings.

The texts of Dharma available to us are vast, similar to an ocean. Humans never comprehend how much water is present in the ocean until they visit it. If you have never seen the ocean you can never conceive of it properly.
If we have never seriously learned Dharma, we may think our understanding is accurate, but actually we will never know the true Dharma. The need is great for authentic learning and experience of the basic teachings. Take for example,

Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva; if our mind and the words of that teaching are inseparable, then we have a true knowledge. If the way of the Bodhisattva remains a book on the shelf and our mind strays far from it, scarcely acknowledging it, this means we do not know Dharma.

In conclusion: as an individual, I am nothing important. What is important is that you are learning continually. The meaning of this is very crucial to grasp. who introduces you to Dharma is very important. Students who wish to learn the Dharma but hold the attitude that, “I do not follow this lama who just gave me teachings. He is not my Guru.”, are degrading their own happiness and virtues.

Looking at the story of Buddha Shakyamuni and the story of Guru Rinpoche, we see that they and so many others reached enlightenment by humbly supplicating their Gurus for teachings with most serious minds. They were not cynically approaching the wisdom the teachers had to give them. Even in worldly matters we are pleasant and kind with those we need something from.

If I become rude, demanding, arrogant or antagonistic with them they will no longer help me. Buddhism offers us the greatest good, freedom from samsara, because of this we should come to the teachers and teaching with the utmost of respect and conscientiousness, all the time. If you wish for milk and eggs then you must care for your chickens and cows.

If you kill them for meat then you will no longer have a source of milk and eggs. In the same way if you wish for enlightenment you must hold your teacher with great faith and respect and with pure intention. Then you will have a good oppurtunity to learn Buddhism the precious teaching of Dharma.

Through the blessings of the youthful Manjushri, the union of awareness and emptiness. You released the eight brilliant treasures from the expanse of your wisdom mind, Master of an ocean of treasure-like teachings of the Dharma in both aspects, transmission and realization- To you, Mipham Rinpoche, Manjushri in person, I pray!

The one and only father of all buddhas is Manjushri, Manifesting as the incomparable human master, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, His blessing emanation is Kybaje. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tashi Paljor: To you I pray! Bless my mind and inspire my understanding.

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