Ongoing Shedra

Shedra is a Tibetan word meaning: Buddhist Philosophical University. Although Shedra refers to a course that begins and ends covering one or more texts, the actual word Shedra refers to continuous study and the graduation is when you realize the meaning of the teachings. Realization is a Buddhist term and does not refer to hearing something and then knowing it, or something suddenly clicking in the intellect.

It is significantly more than that. Realization is a totally stable understanding, with no regression or deterioration, once something is realized it remains undiminishible. To fully realize the teachings is to realize emptiness. The realization of emptiness means that the treasure that lives within ourselves blossoms.

This is why the texts continually refer to realization of emptiness, compassion ect.., because realization is how the Lineage is preserved, for the lama who has realized the teachings then guides his students to the same realization. Those students then transmit that realization to the next generation. Buddha Shakyamuni’s Great Realization 2633 years ago has been passed down exactly in this way to the present day.

The three foundations of our Shedra will be Learning, Contemplation and Mediation. These three practices arouse Wisdom. From Learning comes understanding. From Contemplation comes experience and from Meditation Realization will arise. Our aspiration for these seven months, is to form a learning community based on these three principles. Often Buddhist teachings are not give the respect they merit.

Most people give a university education more respect, importance, and fastidious care than Dharma studies because it will determine one’s status in the world, economic power and area of occupation. While all these things are highly important, what all beings truly wish for is happiness itself, and lacking happiness the material gains a university education can provide will not fully satisy or bring peace of mind on their own.

Buddha’s teachings however when treated with respect and given due importance and fastidious care, lead to a true happiness, a realization that is happiness, thourougly stable, unshakeable. For this reason they are of a higher value than mundane subjects. Also, for this reason our respectful request is,

those interested in this Shedra give it the due seriousness these texts, the teacher and the lineage they transmits merits.For more information on any of these I have been sincerely requested Shedra to teach on the important Shantideva text, A Guide To The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.

I believe it may be of some benefit to them. This teaching will calm the angered and negative mind. will teach this important and profound text beginning Friday june 3th 2011, 6pm to 8pm, if you wishe contact us’
org call phone 8016839413.
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