Aspirations from Guru Rinpoche Vajradhatu Mandala

You can follow your Sadhana practice with the following Guru Rinpoche was Vajradhatu Mandala Open in Tibet later gave to this Asperation prayer many great masters, and dharma practioners. This was revealed later on by Chok gyur Lingba.  It is a short, easy, and very powerful aspiration. If you wish to practice this you must receive transmission from a pure lineage master.  This prayer is available for download.

Sadhana Practice. Why is sadhana practice so important in all of the Buddha teachings Mahayana and
 Vajrayana Buddhism? There are three kinds of teachings in Buddhism. First is
 Buddhist philosophy found in the Sutras. Second is Sadhana practice to bring
wisdom and accomplishment this is mostly from the Vajrayana Lineage.

Sadhana practice is like putting gas in your car. If you want to go anywhere you must first put gas in the tank, Sadhana practice fills the tank and without it how can one expect to get anywhere. The third is traditional ritual instruments and how to maintain discipline. Traditional instruments are so very important because we offer music and pleasant sounds along with our visualizations. This is also a Vajrayana teaching and has been passed down from one great master to the next and finally to us.

The importance of these instruments comes from the lineage and it is important to keep in step with the lineage and practice in the traditional way. We should not confuse our ordinary beings ideas when using these instruments and keep to the traditional way. It is important to learn from a qualified teacher.

Of all the Buddha’s teachings some are long lineage and some are short lineage. Short lineage teachings come from manifestations of the Buddha like Guru Rinpoche. Short lineage teachings are hidden only to be found by great Lama’s in the future. The Pema Nyinthik Sadhana is an example of a short lineage practice.

three of these kinds of teachings are very powerful with the pure lineage and we need to maintain this pure lineage to receive the full blessings. With broken lineage it is like drinking dirty this will only have a temporary benefit because you are drinking dirty water. And eventually you will become sick. With pure lineage it is like drinking water directly from a mountain spring,

the water is pure and will have great benefits now and in the future. For more information please visit the Welcoming Buddhist website and this page How can we follow the Buddhist Dharma and uphold the lineage?

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