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Develop and Maintain a Relationship Between Teacher and Disciple

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Nagarjuna, a great Bodhisattva, said:

“Just as the wise ones will respect a statue of the Sugata
Even though it may be made of wood [and] however [unadorned] it may be,
So in the same manner, although this composition of mine may be pitiful,
May you not criticize it, for it is based on the Sublime Teaching.”
I am not saying this as my idea. This is from the Sutra and Tantra teachings of
Shakyamuni Buddha. Most people haven’t read it, and that’s why I made this
collection of teachings.
Generally speaking we must not misinterpret the teachings.
Because we have had bad habits for many lives, the truth is hard for us to
believe. That’s why it’s necessary to maintain a good relationship with our
teacher. Continue reading

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How can we follow the Buddhist Dharma and uphold the lineage?

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I would like to briefly explain this, because people need to know the importance of these two key points. Otherwise they will be wasting their time and their life. The Buddha gave the teachings of the eighty-four thousand Dharma Gates because sentient beings have specific individual negative obscurations and each teaching was a specific antidote for that sentient being. The eighty-four thousand teachings all together are designated as the Tripitaka. In actuality the Tripitaka is the most profound and supreme among teachings. Continue reading

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