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The Barbarian

In terms of secular western thinking, the word “barbarian” often conjures images of a cruel, brutish, merciless savage who, armed with a club or other means of violence, is intent on wreaking havoc. At the least, the word is associated with a person who may be from an undeveloped, uneducated area or country and regarded as lowbrow, crude, and vulgar.

However, in the Buddhist lexicon, the meaning of “barbarian” signifies something quite different. Rather than a person with sights set upon inflicting mayhem, the Buddhist term is more akin to what westerners think of as a “heathen”, hedonist or non-believer. It refers to “jungle mentality”, one who has the body of a human but the limited view of a jungle animal. Continue reading

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Published for the first time,

Published for the first time, this commentary by one of the great Tibetan masters of the 20th century, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche will

appear in The Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (Shambhala, 2010)
The following teaching is an explanation of the way to examine the mind according to a text written by Lama Mipham, called “The Wheel of Investigation and Meditation That Thoroughly Purifies Mental Activity.” Why is this teaching called the “wheel of investigation”? Because just as a wheel revolves all the time, we need to constantly investigate the true nature of things.

This constant investigation will eliminate deluded thoughts and lead to an understanding of the true nature of the mind.
How do we investigate the nature of mind and the root of samsaric delusion? The very root of delusion is the thought of “I,” the habit of clinging to the notion of a “self.” This notion is simply due to a failure to investigate. There is no such thing as a truly existing,

autonomous self. We fabricated this concept in the same way that we make up all our other thoughts. Then, after constructing this self over and over again, we get so used to our invention that it seems to really exist as a distinct entity. Continue reading

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Short Teachings:

H.H Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche displaying the vitarka mudrā, Teaching, Giving Instruction, Reason, Preaching, Transmission of the Dharma mudra, after a visit to the Sakya Dharma Center, 1976, SeaTac Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA

Three Short Teachings By Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche: Thoughts and the Mind
Like waves, all the activities of this life have rolled endlessly on, one after the other, yet they have left us feeling empty-handed. Myriads of thoughts have run through our mind, each one giving birth to many more, but what they have done is to increase our confusion and dissatisfaction. Continue reading

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Buddhism Dharama, without ideas of the negative minded.

Without reliance on each of the three vehicles,the vows of individual liberation, of the Bodhisattvas, and of the Mantras-to cut that old tree of the three poison shat stands in the middle of the plain of samsara,How could there be … Continue reading

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Tobacco: ‘the guide that leads the blind on a false path which ends in a precipice’

by Kybjé Jigdrèl Yeshé Dorje, Düd’jom Rinpoche Tibetan Text
Om Swasti:
With supreme appreciation and deep respect for Padmasambhava – wisdom manifestation of all Buddhas and union of the Buddha families – I shall relate the history of tobacco. Approximately a hundred years after Buddha Shakyamuni’s parinirvana, a Chinese demon, maddened with obsession, spoke these dying words: 
“Through my body I wish to lead the beings of this earth to lower realms. Bury my body intact and eventually a plant, different from all others, will grow out of my remains. Merely by smelling it, people will experience pleasure in body and mind, far more joyful than the union of male and female. It will spread far and wide until most of the beings on this earth will enjoy it.” Continue reading

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