Entering the City of Omniscience Aspiration Prayer.

Entering the City of Omniscience Aspiration Prayer for Actualizing Words of Truth
I offer homage to the source of an ocean of accomplishments: the Masters, the three Jewels, and the Bodhisattvas. I take refuge in you. Grant your blessings,

I pray! In all my future lives, may I gain a precious human birth complete with all the eighteen freedoms and advantages, and may I become the student of an authentic master. May I train my mind through learning, contemplation, and meditation – the source of higher rebirths and definite goodness. May I follow Buddha’s Precious Teachings! May I renounce worldly activities – the root of all Dharma Practice.

May the Four Thoughts which transform the mind arise naturally in my mind-stream, and may I see samsara with all its endless activity as a prison a pit of fire! Gaining confidence in the infallibility of karma, may I strive to carry out even the smallest good deeds and avoid even the slightest harmful actions!

Without falling prey to adverse circumstances, busy places, distracting companions, or any other such obstacle on the Path to Enlightenment, may I take the Three Jewels as my refuge and train in the Gradual Path for beings of the three levels of spiritual capacity May I give up any doubts regarding the Master, the embodiment of all the Sugatas, and without slipping into the mistaken view of considering him
as an equal – may I see him as an actual Buddha!

In this way, may my body, speech, and mind be matured through the Four Empowerments and embark upon the path of the wondrous vajra vehicle! Through the medium of fervent prayer and devotion, may the wisdom of the lineage be transferred into me and may my realization become equal to space!

Perfecting the Mahayoga practices of the generation stage, may I come to perceive the whole universe and beings as the three mandalas and traverse the four levels of a vidyadhara, just like the bodhisattvas Padmasambhava and Vimalamitra! Perfecting the practice of Anuyoga, may all concepts of samsara and nirvana be purified into the state of indivisible bliss and emptiness and may I experience the pure realm of Akanishtha!

Perfecting the Atiyoga practice of Dzogpa Chenpo, may all experience dissolve into the expanse of intrinsic reality and may I be liberated into the youthful vase body, just like the vidyadhara Garab Dorje! In short, beginning with the training in the conduct of the bodhisattvas, may whatever I do, with body, speech or mind, bring nothing but benefit to all sentient beings, my very own parents!

Whatever my situation or circumstance, may I never feel the slightest wish to follow worldly ways which run contrary to the Dharma Even if, while under the sway of karma and habitual patterns, a mistaken thought occurs to me, may it never succeed! For the sake of others, may I be fearless and ready even to give away my own body, just like Prince Siddhartha!

Having reached the state of spontaneously accomplishing my own and others’ welfare, May I stir the depths of the oceans of samsara’s three worlds by means of the ten Strengths and four Fearlessnesses!

The Buddhas and bodhisattvas have vowed to work towards the accomplishment of selfless aspiration prayers such as these. Homage to the sages who proclaim the trut Om Dharé Dharé Bhandharé Bhandharé Svaha
May the strength of virtue increase! May the power of aspiration grow! May negativity be swiftly purified! Dzaya Dzaya Siddhi Siddhi Phala Phala Ha Sha Sa Ma Mama Ko Ling Samanta!

Composed by Rigdzin Jikmé Lingpa at the request of Chöden from the East.

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