Teachings and Meditation & Discussion.

Join us every Wednesday, Highland High School, Salt Lake City,6:00 pm to -8:00 pm.2015
**if you wish please Check website calendar for each month’s Puja ceremony. This a special day of celebration, meditation and offering. It is very important in order to purify negative karma. Many beings are ignorant and human life becomes empty. We bury our knowledge and skills uselessly, like letting good wood spoil under its bark. Human beings have good hearts and skillful knowledge and it is necessary to meditate and make offerings to bring happiness, accumulate merit and increase freedom and bring true meaning full life.

Every Wednesday Teachings from Nagarjuna, 7th century enlightened Buddhist master. He gives a useful explanation of positive attitude, logical advice and fundamental good human ethic. How can a Human Being become a warm heart to share with everyone? Humans have more potential for intelligence than other animals, but are using this intelligence in a negative way. Obstacles come from identification with one’s ego diluted mind. Buddhist meditation introduces our own natural mind. Problems will be resolved by great medicine: love, compassion, and increasing wisdom.

Book (opt.) Golden Zephyr translated by Leslie Kawamura.
Sugarhouse: Redondo Ave. If you are interested in joining us, please email and we will send you the exact address.

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