This message translated,

This message translated, of most benefit to male genders, is:
For the sake of non-discriminatory compassion, If you in your mind have compassion that is significant everyone will like you.
If you have indiscriminate compassion everyone will respect you at any time. If you have compassion for only skinny and beautiful girls then your compassion is not True Compassion but a desire-compassion.

True Compassion, like an honorable, uncorrupted, good and responsible police force, always protects others without any bias or discrimination. If you have non-conceptual compassion you are following the guidelines of The Enlightened. Buddhist Compassion is the Samsara-Destroyer. It cuts right through samsara like a knife cuts restraints.

If you have True Love and Compassion, then all of the Buddhas will rejoice in your actions. If you have compassion for only your friends or closest relations, then this is desire-compassion & attachment compassion.

If you have non-conceptual compassion you are free of the negative emotions of the discriminatory mind. No matter how many problems or how complicated they are, authentic compassion can and will reduce all such problems. Non-conceptual, non-discriminatory compassion will increase your Wisdom.

Authentic compassion purifies and cleanses your mind. Authentic compassion can bring fulfillment and well being for everyone! If you have True Compassion, even demons can find ways to respect and love you.

Authentic Compassion can lead you to a high position of influence and benefit. Just to repeat to yourself the word, “Compassion” has no power and no benefit for anyone; but real non-conceptual compassion, once developed, will continue to exist once samsara itself is ended and done away with.

The main method used to end samsara is Non-conceptual Compassion. The Ultimate Unchanging Happiness is Enlightenment. This Enlightenment is the heart of a path that is Non-Conceptual.

All of the great masters make wishes for the benefit of others. This path, Authentic Compassion, accomplishes those wishes. The virtue of this wish (Bodhichitta) causes even the names of those who do harm to no longer exist. All of those caught in complication and contradictions and unresolved-

Problems become liberated by virtue of this wish and they become happily free of negative actions. May all the negative actions and bad-karma of all beings ripen within myself.

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