Magical-Wisdom’s Encouraging Message.
Fancy monasteries aren’t the pure-land,
Having a pure mind is the pure-land,
Prostrations and circumambulations are not the essence of Dharma,
Love and compassion are the essence of Dharma.
The golden statues are not Buddhist ornaments,
Being noble, with good, positive intentions
and peace-based ethics are the ornaments of Buddhism.
Simply carrying a mala around does not make you a Dharma practitioner,
Whoever progressively has less afflictive emotions is a true Dharma practitioner.
Just learning philosophy doesn’t make you a scholar,
The true scholar learns what is right and what is wrong.
Knowing that distinction makes you a true scholar.
Simply knowing ones father’s language is not loyalty,
Friendship with harmony is true loyalty.
Being uneducated doesn’t make you a bad person,
Lying, stealing, and cheating makes you a bad person
Not having money or fame doesn’t make you poor,
Having no peace of mind is truly what it means to be poor.
The one who dies for his or own needs isn’t the Hero,
The one who dies for others sake is the Hero.
Whoever blames others for faults that are their own is no paragon,
To always look into own mind for the source of blame
and then subdue own negativity is to be a paragon.
Having white skin doesn’t make you white,
Having white motivation makes you white.
Black skin doesn’t make you black.
Black motivation makes you black.

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