the beginning of Saga Dawa

Saturday, may 20. 2023 is the beginning of Saga Dawa – on the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar.

Sanday, june 4 is the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment – a very special day. If you do practice on this day, it is more powerful than practicing on other days. This day is also called Parinirvana Day and Buddha Shakyamuni’s Birthday.The whole month is a special time.

If we do practice during this time, every virtue is multiplied by 100,000! If we make negative action, it is also multiplied by 100,000! So it is especially important during these days for good intention and not making any negativity.

If you would like, this is a good time to make a special vow – such as eating no meat, drinking no liquor, having no sexual activity, abandoning non-virtuous talk, etc. Because this month is also the time that many insects and spiders, etc are being alive because of the weather becoming more warm, do dedication and aspiration for all beings because these beings have a short lifetime and will not be alive for very long.All practice is more powerful at this time of the year. We are human beings and we have more freedom than other beings so we need to share this good opportunity with all beings.

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