How to become a good person

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How can someone become a good person and how can they become positive and nonattached?A good person doesn’t show two faces or two types of bodily conduct depending on their audience. A good person’s mind does not go up and down easily; the mind of a good person is a very stable mind.

A good person’s speech is always truthful and honest; and a good person’s speech is not hypocritical: for example, saying, “People should not steal.” and then, the next day saying, “It would be virtuous to rob the corner store.”

Even very highly regarded leaders of religion who indulge in these three negative methods will lose members of their religious-community each year, even daily, due to these three improper methods.

These three flaws: hypocrisy, mental instability and two-sidedness will cause you to lose the trust and partnership of others; and it causes others to no longer hold hope or good-will towards you.

If people no longer perpetuate these three flaws, no longer use these three negative methods of interacting, then the whole world would become a better world with more happiness, more Love and Compassion and respect for everyone.

The root of ineffective ‘politics-as-usual’ is the thinking of: “For oneself to have victory the other must take a loss.”

This heart-wish is the root of modern-day politics and consequentially, this type of ill-wishing has developed into the globalized-mess of modern politics we see today.                 If these three flaws were to be eliminated then politics-as-usual would not exist.

How a Person can be non-attached and positive (An unattached, positive attitude)

Everyday people mostly meditate on how to get more and more money. And this is because modern society has developed mostly along material lines and therefore the meditation on money has palpable consequence.

However, just as the more people drink of salty the more thirsty they get, people who act from attachment are never satisfied no matter the physical results. Always wishing for happiness but engaging in negative thoughts, words and actions always brings suffering.

If using Buddhist teachings one lives a non-attached, very simple life then they live both easily and comfortably. Those who are ignorant will do the opposite and automatically bring about suffering within their lives.

However, if we make enough money and live a good life with no ‘night-and-day meditation on money’ then we are living very healthy lives and allowing positivity to grow; but if we accept in our lives an attached, obsessive stance on making money we invite trouble. For example:

When a person uses shampoo, all the dirt washes to the drain; just like this, shampoo partners, either of wives or husbands who hold this only-for-money attitude can clean their credit cards and bank account right out and just like a butterfly disappear.

–my aspiration is for this message and advice to bring benefit to everyone, just like the sun and moon by their nature always give light to everyone. -May it be Auspicious-


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