1.  A) I wish to share a few important guidelines with regard to the misuse of my humble name by different Buddhist Monks, Yogis and Lamas. These are ones who are frequently visiting Taiwan or have settled in Southeast Asia  or are in different countries. I make this plea despite my repeated appeals to everyone. It was a big surprise to me that several Buddhist Lamas (even ones I have never met or ever given any teaching), are using my humble name continuously for their personal monetary benefit. This is an extreme matter of shame and also a big fraud. Wearing monks robes while cheating and misleading lay people is a serious crime and also breaks all of Buddha’s principle Vows. This is sowing serious negative Karma for yourself and at the same time, ruining Buddhism. I really feel sorry for such gross negative activities by Buddhist Lamas, Khenpos, Yogis or Monks residing abroad. I strongly object all those who are using my name directly or indirectly by any means.

My constant guidelines and advice to Buddhists,(either a Re-incarnate Lama, Yogi, Khenpo or an ordinary Monk) whom I happen to meet from day to day, are always the same and are quoted below:

  1. If you are a serious Buddhist student and Zogpachenpo’s practitioner, you should spend your life in retreat with minimal comfort and give up all attachment to luxury.
  2. Do not waste your time in touring all foreign counties including Taiwan, which is fruitless.
  1. Do not attempt to beg for donations using excuses such as construction of a big monastery, Stupa, Zangdogpelri, Bumtsog or big offerings or setting up of a new Buddhist center etc.
  1. Do not sell out Zogpachenpo under different pretexts for your own personal benefit.
  2. Always be humble and do not try to expose yourself in front of others even if you may have little knowledge in Buddhism.
  3. Do not cheat others in the name of Zogpachenpo by giving initiations or teachings which you have never received yourself from a legitimate high Lama or Guru.
  4. Finally, I, myself never have even the slightest desire to visit any foreign country nor have any specific reason to do so.
  5. In the past, I have experienced several occasions, that despite of my unwillingness and objection, re-incarnate Lamas, Yogis, Khenpos and Monks, those who have come to see me, are taking photographs with me by force under different pretext. Due to electronic supremacy, people are coming with different types of electronic devices so they may record my voice or take my photograph. It is not always easy to detect these actions, especially at my age.
  6. Hence, I notify all the Buddhist followers all over the world, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe any person who is in possession of such photographs or making false claims that he or she is my student in the past or present. Please, do not believe just by showing a photograph or seeing or hearing a video, etc. Therefore, I, the undersigned with full consent, reject such types of false claims made by different Buddhist Centers, Monasteries, Institutes, or Re-incarnate Lamas, Khenpos, Yogis and/or any ordinary Monks etc.

In conclusion, once again, I sincerely appeal to all Buddhist followers all over the world and Buddhist Centers  including the people who are taking interest in Buddhist religion, kindly take note of my above cited humble declaration and suggestions. After seeing this article in the  newspapers I hope everyone will clearly understand me and my personal opinion hereafter.

Dated: April 19, 2007      Thanking you,


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