What really bring to meaningful

What really bring to meaningful life in buddhism teaching ?

We think of ordinary life eat, sleep and shit these three kinds of activity everyday we use but meaningless because those things does not matter even intelligent or not intelligent as result is same thing. Buddhism teaching show you some  meaningful life direction. For example businessman money is not permanent because they have a lot of  money but sometimes money is gone and becoming very poor. Same way beautiful body is not permanent even right now looks beautiful but sooner or later lots of wrinkle on the face, this is a significant of impermanent not really meaningful of rich or beautiful which is always changing.

Buddhism teaching is technique of how can have  cause of  happiness and result unchangeable Buddha hood. If we don’t have kindness for others but least kindness for self  can get  you really different result. Actually, during 7th century buddhist master Shanti Deva said all of the joy or happiness coming from wishing for others. All of the miserable sufferings, unhappiness coming from own egoistic.

How can do daily practice for meditation and  supplication needs authentic guru show you some secret method of  significant your own mind can blow some wisdom. This is the meaningful life coming from yourselves not from outer. That’s why buddhism teaching is so important of making precious life.

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