His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.

His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche teaching for Buddhist in general and especially technique Vajrayana Buddhist dharma practice to how can keep buddhist bow. This is a message for everyone. Would like to let you know. Below teaching coming from his holiness prophecy.
Initiation is the entrance to Sang-ngag Dorje Thekpa (Secret Mantra Vajrayana) which enables Enlightenment in one lifetime. The first initiation is that of Bum-wang or the Vessel Initiation. If Bum-wang is not first received, Sang-wang or the Secret Initiation cannot be granted. Similarly if Sang-wang is not first received, Sher-wang, the Wisdom Initiation, cannot be granted. If the Wisdom Initiation is not first received, Tsig-wang, the Symbolic (Word) Initiation cannot be granted. The succession of and interval between these four initiations can vary according to the receptivity of each disciple and his maturity in time.
Simply receiving an initiation is not sufficient in itself. The recipient must accordingly adhere to the Samaya pledge which constitutes the heart of initiation.
Though Vajrayana precepts, vows and pledges can be innumerable, yet if condensed they can be categorized into ‘Tsa-wai Tung-wa Chu-shi’ (the Fourteen Roots of spiritual downfall) and ‘Yen-lag Bom-bo Gye’ (the Eight Major Branches), and ‘Ku-sung Thuk-gi Dam-tsig’ (the Samaya pledge relating means authentic root teacher Body, Speech and Mind. It is, therefore, most important to adhere to them faithfully by keeping Samaya which means explanation of immeasurable. You need to learn and will become true buddhist. Other way just acting buddhist and meaningless.
There is no way of practicing the Secret Mantras if initiations are not first received; the mere reading of the texts of the Secret instructions is not permitted, let alone the practice.
First the initiations must be properly received then the pledge must be kept perfectly pure, finally one must bring the essence of the initiation to effective realization.
If we, the followers of the Secret Mantras of Mahayana, are able to take to heart the essence of the practice of ‘Dom-pa Sum’ (Three Precepts) or three bows,essence of matters by keeping bows practicing the outer garb significant dress if monk or lay, is of no different. It is pure buddhist Sangha.
Vajrayana empowerment,Secret instruction and oral transmition etc by providing for other. You must have authentic buddhist lineage holder permission.
If without receiving any permission of buddhist texts which is not allowed to give teachings. It is like illegal which means lineage blessing is block.
If you receive permission from our root teacher then you must know disciple have mature quality by engaging teachings for other. But you really need to know keeping Samaya pure or not with carefully examinition of disciple.
Root teaching from his holiness Tibetan Script by comparing from Tibetan translation in english is not correct by loosing meaning and also few words are not translated in English.
If you would like to know you can read in Tibetan and english translation. I examine and translated his holiness Tibetan script into english translation which are in small font size.
I am sure that nothing is missing words and everythng is complete translated.
My aspiration is benefit for everyone.This is my goal.

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