If the intention is good, the levels and paths are good.

If the intention is bad, the levels and paths are bad, Since everything depends on intentions, Always make sure they are positive. Jetsun Mila sang: No-one to ask me if I’m sick, No-one to mourn me when I die:

To die here alone in this hermitage Is everything a yogi could wish for.

No trace of feet outside my door No trace of blood within

To die here alone in this hermitage Is everything a yogi could wish for.

They soon to start to believe it themselves, and think of themselves as being very important and no longer in need of these things. But, as the peerless Dagpo Rinopoche said,

For many years before Buddhism did not exist in Western countries. Right now is a good opportunity to share Buddhist wisdom teaching, however, some Buddhist teachers without knowledge of true Dharma teach discrimination because they begin with bad intention, only increasing negative Karma. They recite always; “my Lama, my lineage, my teacher”, etc. They are always talking about loving compassion for all beings, but really their actions are of discrimination. This is far from Buddhist view.

They are trying to boast by using the name of His Holiness for their own. It seems nowadays, people using a special name that all of Gorilla becoming His Holiness and all the monkeys are becoming His emanation. Gorillas and monkeys don’t have good intention, and have no power, because they are trying to destroy everything because they have no discipline. This is similar to those people who use these special names to destroy other peoples’ lives and Buddhist doctrine by directly deceiving their students.

True Dharma begins with good intention for all beings and especially for the protection of Buddhist doctrine. Many previous great masters always had good intention for other beings, and never deceived or destroyed Buddhist Dharma. Always trying to build up Buddhism doctrine for longer life and automatically benefits all of the living beings. Because of good intention and positive power.

Previous great masters were always teaching in action, without discrimination, the true Dharma and truly receiving blessings and blossoming Buddha nature. I don’t wish to criticize others actions but I am writing this message because of my good intention for other beings. I am very lucky that I met many truly enlightened masters and I hope to be a good disciple. I don’t want to boast because this only brings bad luck. I believe in cause and effect. I am coming from an ocean of water from Buddhist teachings. Right now I am not looking for a drop of water.

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