Daily Practice Sadhana of the Glorious Vajra Kilaya

Terma revealed by Kabyje Dujom Rinpoche Hearing contained the essential condensed the Vajra Kilaya sadhana is for the purposes of removing outer, inner, and secret obstacles.  Examples of outer obstacles are war, disease, and natural disasters.  Inner obstacles are negative thinking, a frivolous attitude and conflicting emotions including the five poisons of jealousy, anger, attachment, ignorance, and pride.  Secret obstacles are like practicing often but without any accomplishment or practicing while holding on to negativity such as envy.  If you do this practice it will remove all temporary obstacles and provide protection.  It will also quickly bring realization and even ultimate enlightenment. if you wish to practice this sadhana you must receive empowerment and instruction from a pure lineage This is available for download.

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