Riwo sang chod (Mountain of Burning Offering) Sadhana

This is an introduction taken from Lhatsun Namki Jingme treasure revealed and additional section by  Kabyje Dujom Rinpoche.  The Mountain of Smoke offering is for the purpose of removing obstacles.  For example it is applicable to offer in an effort to remove obstacles such as hunger, war, or natural disasters.  It is used to purify negativity, practice generosity, and bring about peace. It can be used to help those with difficulty sleeping and to bring prosperity to your family and into your community.  This includes the Eight Noble Aspirations written by Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche.  
This also includes a prayer for invocation and aspiration to Guru Rinpoche If you wish to practice this sadhana it is necessary to receive an oral transmission from a pure lineage master. This is available for download.

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