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The Mirror Clearly Showing

What to Adopt and Abandon for the Monastic Sangha and the Order of Vidyadharas.
by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche.
Om svasti prajnabhya! Incomparable guide of this fortunate aeon, king of the Shakyas, Embodiment of all the buddhas, the lake-born Lord of Oddiyana, King and subjects, and all the vidyadharas of the kama and terma lineages—To you, this perfect field for gathering merit and wisdom, respectfully I bow! Two communities of sutra and mantra practitioners, shaven-headed monks and long-haired yogins, With the view of the Middle Way and the conduct of the vinaya, And the ultimate union of the
generation and completion stages, the Great Perfection— Continue reading

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Message for while away

Salt Lake City and New york- Summer 2014 I will be away on sabbatical for an indeterminate amount of time. During this time I will be checking messages when I can. I want to encourage those of you whom I … Continue reading

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The beginning of Saga Dawa

Thursday, may 19. 2014 is the beginning of Saga Dawa – on the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar. Friday, June 2 is the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment – a very special day. If you do practice on this day, it is … Continue reading

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in Summer time Teachings -2014:

Thirty-Sevenfold Practice of a Bodhisattva. The Root Text of Ngulchu Thogme, The Heart of Compassion commentary by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Everything depends on whether one’s intent is good or evil. To reach enlightenment we must pass through the paths and … Continue reading

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Buddhist Character Perspective

I bow to the sublime embodiment of wisdom Buddha. My sincere wish to repay your kindness. However small a flower is, it is still an offering to Buddha. Even small a gift may be, it is still a token of gratitude. Every day of my life, my good heart is always the best church. There is no need to go to church every Sunday.

Having bad intentions, selfishness, being arrogant and being angry is like being drunk every day. When you are drunk all the time, you make many mistakes. In the same way, having these negative intentions you will never be successful because you also make many mistakes, just like you are drunk all the time.

Buddhist teachings teach loving kindness but if people are being negative and superficial the Buddhist teaching always directly or indirectly is subdued. because Buddha is a great Doctor, and his teaching, (Dharma,) is great medicine. Continue reading

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How to Follow a Spirtitual Wisdom Guide

No sutra, tantra, or sastra speaks of any being ever attaining perfect Buddhahood without having followed a spiritual teacher. We can see for ourselves that nobody has ever developed the accomplishments belonging to the stages and paths by means of … Continue reading

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From A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar.

Namo in Sanskrit, or phyag ‘tshal lo in Tibetan, means homage. To whom? To the root Lama. Who is that? The deceit less, constant protector. This is one’s only root Lama, the constant protector, the embodiment of the three jewels, … Continue reading

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Teachings and Meditation & Discussion.

Join us every Wednesday, Highland High School, Salt Lake City,6:00 pm to -8:00 pm.2015 **if you wish please Check website calendar for each month’s Puja ceremony. This a special day of celebration, meditation and offering. It is very important in … Continue reading

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Buddhist meditation and Mind Training.

Teaching Beginning march 26–2014 may 22 end Class. Buddhist Philosophy and meditation: Mind Training Teachings. Instruction By Lopon Osel, professor of Buddhist meditation teacher. How can Buddhist mind training bring you benefit? Ordinarily people have many barbarian habits and cold … Continue reading

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Class Schedule, January 2014

Nagarjuna, 7th century Buddhist enlightened master. He gives a useful explanation of positive attitude and logical advice for kings and everyone. How can a Human Being bring peace and become a warm heart to share with everyone? Humans have more … Continue reading

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