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The Mirror Clearly Showing

What to Adopt and Abandon for the Monastic Sangha and the Order of Vidyadharas.
by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche.
Om svasti prajnabhya! Incomparable guide of this fortunate aeon, king of the Shakyas, Embodiment of all the buddhas, the lake-born Lord of Oddiyana, King and subjects, and all the vidyadharas of the kama and terma lineages—To you, this perfect field for gathering merit and wisdom, respectfully I bow! Two communities of sutra and mantra practitioners, shaven-headed monks and long-haired yogins, With the view of the Middle Way and the conduct of the vinaya, And the ultimate union of the
generation and completion stages, the Great Perfection— Continue reading

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From A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar.

Namo in Sanskrit, or phyag ‘tshal lo in Tibetan, means homage. To whom? To the root Lama. Who is that? The deceit less, constant protector. This is one’s only root Lama, the constant protector, the embodiment of the three jewels, … Continue reading

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Entering the City of Omniscience Aspiration Prayer.

Entering the City of Omniscience Aspiration Prayer for Actualizing Words of Truth.
I offer homage to the source of an ocean of accomplishments: the Masters, the Three Jewels, and the Bodhisattvas. I take refuge in you.Grant your blessings,

I pray! In all my future lives, may I gain a precious human birth complete with all the eighteen freedoms and advantages, and may I become the student of an authentic master.
May I train my mind through learning, contemplation, and meditation – the source of higher rebirths and definite goodness.
May I follow Buddha’s Precious Teachings! May I renounce worldly activities – the root of all Dharma Practice Continue reading

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Dzogchen View of tantric Ngöndro:

A teaching by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, First Supreme Head of the Nyingma School in exile from Tibet; augmented by replies to questions asked by Ngak’chang Rinpoche in private audiences, relating to the short Düd’jom gTérsar ngöndro, Bodhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1979.
Whatever the practice in which we engage, relative truth and absolute truth are co-existent. Method and wisdom are co-existent. Experiences and emptiness are co-existent. Because this is the nature of the reality we experience, the practice of tantric ngöndro exists as a method for realising the beginningless enlightened state.
Continue reading

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Taking Happiness and Suffering Along the Path

Cascading Waterfall of Nectar Homage to the Guru!
I make offerings to the peerless Guru, the torch on the Path of liberation
Visualized upon my head inseparable from the Victorious One born from the elake.
Bless us so that myself and the disciples in my lineage
May find the excellent, unmistaken path!
I shall give you here a little encouragement to practice the supreme Dharma earnestly,
And will do so in three steps, the first of which
Concerns the way to attend a spiritual master. Continue reading

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How Important is Guru Yoga

The Four Empowerments With the skillful means of the Vajrayana, the practitioner receives the blessings of the teacher in the form of rays of light.
This is the empowerment (abhiseka in Sanskrit, or wang in Tibetan). It is called “empowerment” because when we receive it we are empowered to follow a particular spiritual practice, and so come to master its realization. Most of us have received empowerment from a qualified teacher,

but to maintain the stream of blessings of the empowerment and to renew its power, we need to receive the four empowerments over and over again by ourselves, through the practice of Guru Yoga. This is in fact the most essential part of the Guru Yoga practice. In Guru Rinpoche’s own words: Continue reading

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Special days of the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar

The Tibetan Buddhist calendar has special days throughout the year. This text is a commentary on the special times relating to Shakyamuni Buddha’s life, the ten Guru Rinpoche days, and the 25 dakini days, written by Tselea Natsog Rang Drol.

Guru, Buddha, and Bodhisattvas, those having mastery of compassion, to them I pay homage and go for refuge.
With the intention to benefit those having faith, a correct attitude, and a mind of virtue, here I will explain the classification, enumeration and benefits of these special days. there are three topics: the general, the particular and their distinctions. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Observing the Great Festival of the Tenth Day

by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche Clique aqui para Portugese OM SVASTI May we obtain refuge in all our future rebirths in the Udiyanna Vajradhara who removes all difficulties,

the mere recollection of him brings about the bestowing of many desires, siddhis, and blessings just as does a wish-granting gem, a wish-granting tree, and a precious wish granting vessel. For anyone who beholds his deeds, the understanding of a disciple will grow within her or himself.

As for several occasions he displayed on the Tenth Day of the waxing moon during the twelve months of the year. Continue reading

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Develop and Maintain a Relationship Between Teacher and Disciple

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Nagarjuna, a great Bodhisattva, said:

“Just as the wise ones will respect a statue of the Sugata
Even though it may be made of wood [and] however [unadorned] it may be,
So in the same manner, although this composition of mine may be pitiful,
May you not criticize it, for it is based on the Sublime Teaching.”
I am not saying this as my idea. This is from the Sutra and Tantra teachings of
Shakyamuni Buddha. Most people haven’t read it, and that’s why I made this
collection of teachings.
Generally speaking we must not misinterpret the teachings.
Because we have had bad habits for many lives, the truth is hard for us to
believe. That’s why it’s necessary to maintain a good relationship with our
teacher. Continue reading

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How can we follow the Buddhist Dharma and uphold the lineage?

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I would like to briefly explain this, because people need to know the importance of these two key points. Otherwise they will be wasting their time and their life. The Buddha gave the teachings of the eighty-four thousand Dharma Gates because sentient beings have specific individual negative obscurations and each teaching was a specific antidote for that sentient being. The eighty-four thousand teachings all together are designated as the Tripitaka. In actuality the Tripitaka is the most profound and supreme among teachings. Continue reading

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