Retreat at Brzil

beginning Retreat July 11 to 14  in Brazil at Secterio. The  practice of Ngondro,  teaching in Bardo and Longchenpa curcial point heart advice at the same time commentary Shamata meditation ( oral transmission) written by Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche. Every Morning fire puja.  On last day shower blessing and tsok offering.

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Zoom teaching

In Welcoming Buddhist group in whatsapp link in the beginning of April 28th 2024. if you are insterested to study Buddhist teaching zoom on every sunday for 45 mins you are welcome to join in whatsapp link Welcoming Buddhist group. I can also inform you about exact time on Sunday before few days. Or you are welcome to send e-mail too at

Teaching subject is about A Mirror Revealing the Crucial Points Advice on the Ultimate Meaning by Longchen Rabjam and The Sage Who Dispels Mind’s Anguish Advice from the Guru, the Gentle Protector Mañjuśrī, on the Means of Accomplishing the Yogas of Śamatha and Vipaśyanā by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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The beginning of Saga Dawa

May 9. 2024 is the beginning of Saga Dawa – on the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar. Thursday, May 23 is the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment – a very special day. If you do practice on this day, it is more powerful than practicing on other days. This day is also called Parinirvana Day and Buddha Shakyamuni’s Birthday. This is also the eclipse of the full moon. The whole month is a special time.

If we do practice during this time, every virtue is multiplied by 100,000! If we make negative action, it is also multiplied by 100,000! So it is especially important during these days for good intention and not making any negativity.

If you would like, this is a good time to make a special bow – such as eating no meat, drinking no liquor, having no sexual activity, abandoning non-virtuous talk, etc. Because this month is also the time that many insects and spiders, etc are being alive because of the weather becoming more warm, do dedication and aspiration for all beings because these beings have a short lifetime and will not be alive for very long.

All practice is more powerful at this time of the year. We are human beings and we have more freedom than other beings so we need to share this good opportunity with all beings.

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New Message

All of dear dharma friends, I would like to let you know that all of the activities and events are in the calender special day. If you follow and keep discipline of practicing will be receiving automatic blessing and elighten immeasurable Buddlha. The significant is our life peaceful and happiness with increasing inner development unchanging compassion , wisdom.

How to follow the calander little bit explanation. If you are new buddhist follower that time you can take refugee bow first time , in second especially during day time you can take bodhichhita bow will become perfect enlightment. It is like without gas in the car cannot drive same as without having buddhist bow you cannot achieve the goal of Buddha dharma practice.

Buddhist very important one is without political, business, superficial, not cheating others , not boasting without mixing. If you mix, you cannot receive any of good results. Always good intention for other living beings we can achive simple life and easy going on.

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Jetsun mila said.

Between the hermit meditating in the mountains

And the sponsor who provides his sustenance

Is a connection that will lead them to enlightenment together.

The heart of that connection is dedication of merit.

Noble one, think of yourself as someone who is sick,

Of the Dharma as the remedy,

Of your spiritual teacher as a skilful doctor,

And of diligent practice as the way to recovery.

Gaṇḍhavyūha Sūtra Don’t feel sad Ananda,

Don’t lament Ananda,

In future times I will

Take the form of spiritual teachers,

To help you and others.

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If the intention is good, the levels and paths are good.

If the intention is bad, the levels and paths are bad, Since everything depends on intentions, Always make sure they are positive. Jetsun Mila sang: No-one to ask me if I’m sick, No-one to mourn me when I die:

To die here alone in this hermitage Is everything a yogi could wish for.

No trace of feet outside my door No trace of blood within

To die here alone in this hermitage Is everything a yogi could wish for.

They soon to start to believe it themselves, and think of themselves as being very important and no longer in need of these things. But, as the peerless Dagpo Rinopoche said,

For many years before Buddhism did not exist in Western countries. Right now is a good opportunity to share Buddhist wisdom teaching, however, some Buddhist teachers without knowledge of true Dharma teach discrimination because they begin with bad intention, only increasing negative Karma. They recite always; “my Lama, my lineage, my teacher”, etc. They are always talking about loving compassion for all beings, but really their actions are of discrimination. This is far from Buddhist view.

They are trying to boast by using the name of His Holiness for their own. It seems nowadays, people using a special name that all of Gorilla becoming His Holiness and all the monkeys are becoming His emanation. Gorillas and monkeys don’t have good intention, and have no power, because they are trying to destroy everything because they have no discipline. This is similar to those people who use these special names to destroy other peoples’ lives and Buddhist doctrine by directly deceiving their students.

True Dharma begins with good intention for all beings and especially for the protection of Buddhist doctrine. Many previous great masters always had good intention for other beings, and never deceived or destroyed Buddhist Dharma. Always trying to build up Buddhism doctrine for longer life and automatically benefits all of the living beings. Because of good intention and positive power.

Previous great masters were always teaching in action, without discrimination, the true Dharma and truly receiving blessings and blossoming Buddha nature. I don’t wish to criticize others actions but I am writing this message because of my good intention for other beings. I am very lucky that I met many truly enlightened masters and I hope to be a good disciple. I don’t want to boast because this only brings bad luck. I believe in cause and effect. I am coming from an ocean of water from Buddhist teachings. Right now I am not looking for a drop of water.

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His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.

His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche teaching for Buddhist in general and especially technique Vajrayana Buddhist dharma practice to how can keep buddhist bow. This is a message for everyone. Would like to let you know. Below teaching coming from his holiness prophecy.
Initiation is the entrance to Sang-ngag Dorje Thekpa (Secret Mantra Vajrayana) which enables Enlightenment in one lifetime. The first initiation is that of Bum-wang or the Vessel Initiation. If Bum-wang is not first received, Sang-wang or the Secret Initiation cannot be granted. Similarly if Sang-wang is not first received, Sher-wang, the Wisdom Initiation, cannot be granted. If the Wisdom Initiation is not first received, Tsig-wang, the Symbolic (Word) Initiation cannot be granted. The succession of and interval between these four initiations can vary according to the receptivity of each disciple and his maturity in time.
Simply receiving an initiation is not sufficient in itself. The recipient must accordingly adhere to the Samaya pledge which constitutes the heart of initiation.
Though Vajrayana precepts, vows and pledges can be innumerable, yet if condensed they can be categorized into ‘Tsa-wai Tung-wa Chu-shi’ (the Fourteen Roots of spiritual downfall) and ‘Yen-lag Bom-bo Gye’ (the Eight Major Branches), and ‘Ku-sung Thuk-gi Dam-tsig’ (the Samaya pledge relating means authentic root teacher Body, Speech and Mind. It is, therefore, most important to adhere to them faithfully by keeping Samaya which means explanation of immeasurable. You need to learn and will become true buddhist. Other way just acting buddhist and meaningless.
There is no way of practicing the Secret Mantras if initiations are not first received; the mere reading of the texts of the Secret instructions is not permitted, let alone the practice.
First the initiations must be properly received then the pledge must be kept perfectly pure, finally one must bring the essence of the initiation to effective realization.
If we, the followers of the Secret Mantras of Mahayana, are able to take to heart the essence of the practice of ‘Dom-pa Sum’ (Three Precepts) or three bows,essence of matters by keeping bows practicing the outer garb significant dress if monk or lay, is of no different. It is pure buddhist Sangha.
Vajrayana empowerment,Secret instruction and oral transmition etc by providing for other. You must have authentic buddhist lineage holder permission.
If without receiving any permission of buddhist texts which is not allowed to give teachings. It is like illegal which means lineage blessing is block.
If you receive permission from our root teacher then you must know disciple have mature quality by engaging teachings for other. But you really need to know keeping Samaya pure or not with carefully examinition of disciple.
Root teaching from his holiness Tibetan Script by comparing from Tibetan translation in english is not correct by loosing meaning and also few words are not translated in English.
If you would like to know you can read in Tibetan and english translation. I examine and translated his holiness Tibetan script into english translation which are in small font size.
I am sure that nothing is missing words and everythng is complete translated.
My aspiration is benefit for everyone.This is my goal.

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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Class:

West Palm Florida 2/25/2022
Teaching Subject: The Excellent Path to Enlightenment: A Short Preliminary Practice. The essence of all Buddhist Teachings includes Nongdro, which is fundamental to all levels of Buddhist practice. As normal sentient beings we have lots of obstacles coming from inner emotion. How can we deal with this emotion? This antidote comes from Buddha Wisdom teaching. Just like an expensive car is useless without gas, if we do not learn from this spiritual teaching and practice, we continue to unknowingly make mistakes, with our mind always up & down – it is impossible to become good human being.
Full commentary available for purchase online:

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  1.  A) I wish to share a few important guidelines with regard to the misuse of my humble name by different Buddhist Monks, Yogis and Lamas. These are ones who are frequently visiting Taiwan or have settled in Southeast Asia  or are in different countries. I make this plea despite my repeated appeals to everyone. It was a big surprise to me that several Buddhist Lamas (even ones I have never met or ever given any teaching), are using my humble name continuously for their personal monetary benefit. This is an extreme matter of shame and also a big fraud. Wearing monks robes while cheating and misleading lay people is a serious crime and also breaks all of Buddha’s principle Vows. This is sowing serious negative Karma for yourself and at the same time, ruining Buddhism. I really feel sorry for such gross negative activities by Buddhist Lamas, Khenpos, Yogis or Monks residing abroad. I strongly object all those who are using my name directly or indirectly by any means.

My constant guidelines and advice to Buddhists,(either a Re-incarnate Lama, Yogi, Khenpo or an ordinary Monk) whom I happen to meet from day to day, are always the same and are quoted below:

  1. If you are a serious Buddhist student and Zogpachenpo’s practitioner, you should spend your life in retreat with minimal comfort and give up all attachment to luxury.
  2. Do not waste your time in touring all foreign counties including Taiwan, which is fruitless.
  1. Do not attempt to beg for donations using excuses such as construction of a big monastery, Stupa, Zangdogpelri, Bumtsog or big offerings or setting up of a new Buddhist center etc.
  1. Do not sell out Zogpachenpo under different pretexts for your own personal benefit.
  2. Always be humble and do not try to expose yourself in front of others even if you may have little knowledge in Buddhism.
  3. Do not cheat others in the name of Zogpachenpo by giving initiations or teachings which you have never received yourself from a legitimate high Lama or Guru.
  4. Finally, I, myself never have even the slightest desire to visit any foreign country nor have any specific reason to do so.
  5. In the past, I have experienced several occasions, that despite of my unwillingness and objection, re-incarnate Lamas, Yogis, Khenpos and Monks, those who have come to see me, are taking photographs with me by force under different pretext. Due to electronic supremacy, people are coming with different types of electronic devices so they may record my voice or take my photograph. It is not always easy to detect these actions, especially at my age.
  6. Hence, I notify all the Buddhist followers all over the world, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe any person who is in possession of such photographs or making false claims that he or she is my student in the past or present. Please, do not believe just by showing a photograph or seeing or hearing a video, etc. Therefore, I, the undersigned with full consent, reject such types of false claims made by different Buddhist Centers, Monasteries, Institutes, or Re-incarnate Lamas, Khenpos, Yogis and/or any ordinary Monks etc.

In conclusion, once again, I sincerely appeal to all Buddhist followers all over the world and Buddhist Centers  including the people who are taking interest in Buddhist religion, kindly take note of my above cited humble declaration and suggestions. After seeing this article in the  newspapers I hope everyone will clearly understand me and my personal opinion hereafter.

Dated: April 19, 2007      Thanking you,


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